Gameplay released of the Portal VR demo

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– Charlie Braithwaite

Ask yourself something very important right now, is your PC virtual reality ready? If it isn’t will a VR demo from the Portal series make you want it to be?


I’m sure the room is trying to kill you in some way.

The Portal series is up there for its innovative gameplay, funny dialogue and exceptional character development (here’s looking at you creepy GLaDOS back story). Whilst many gamers have sat around waiting for Valve to finally release a third iteration of one of their titles, there have been rumors on the wind of an Aperture VR game demo.

Until recently this was all done behind closed doors, but now you can view the demo in all of its glory. For those out of the loop on Portal, Aperture is the name of the diabolical science company that makes insane technology and in the absence of human life is run by a psychopathic cake promising robot.

The Aperture demo looks like it is filled with Easter eggs, including a slice of rotten cake. Without further delay here is the video, there is a version with commentary, but I highly recommend the one without, sorry voice over guy, you talk too much:

So it looks pretty and all, but with VR it’s hard to get a grasp on what it feels like to play the game from watching another person engaging with it. Either way, having a heavyweight series such as Portal coming to VR is bound to break a few wallets around the world.
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