Men who abuse women in games are literally losers


– Charlie Braithwaite

Certain levels of trash talking are okay, telling your team you are king before pulling a Leeroy Jenkins is perfectly acceptable. What isn’t cool is when people get personal with their insults. I’m sure many of you have experienced the pain involved when a bunch of preteens are trying to sound cool by picking on female gamers. “Get back in the kitchen.” No, how about fuck off I’ll throw a grenade at you in real life you jumped up little shit (sorry I have anger management issues, you may have noticed my foul mouth in our video content, I’m working on it).

Go to hell you gender neutral alien.

To much celebration a recent study by Michael Kasumovic and Jeffrey Kuznekoff, who are researchers at the University of New South Wales and Miami University respectively, has revealed that those who harass women in games are both figuratively and literally losers. Published on PLOS One, the study uses Halo 3 as its platform and analyses the performance of players who abused women over 163 games. The graph depicted below shows the number of positive comments directed towards women shifted depending on how well a player was doing.


This graph shows statistics and a curve (I’m not good at understanding things that aren’t games)

So players who were copping too many plasma grenades to the face were more likely to abuse a female player, while on the other hand players who did well were more likely to compliment their female peers.

Kasumovic and Kuznekoff provide a social explanation for the recorded behaviour “There are two alternative social explanations for our results. First, players could be responding to the novelty of having a female voiced teammate in a male-dominated environment. Indeed, a female speaking while playing first-person shooter games is rare as none of the 189 players recorded were female. However, novelty is not the driver of the differences in behaviour as performance and skill mediated the number of positive and negative statements. Second, individuals may simply be responding more aggressively towards individuals with a higher pitched voice (a female in this case), as dominance is predictable by voice pitch.”

The dominance reasoning that is mentioned throughout the study is kind of bleak, are we really still unable to use our brains when conversing to each other instead of relying on something that causes chimps to be dicks?

Depicted: Male gamers.

Depicted: Gamers who abuse women… except the monolith is filled with hate instead of knowledge.

It’s not all bleak however,  as Kasumovic and Kuznekoff state that one way to counter this sense of dominance  is to teach young males that losing to the opposite sex is not socially debilitating. As the nature of gaming has shifted from being a previously male dominated environment to a near even split between the genders, this kind of behaviour needs to change, and fast.

I personally vote for lynching anyone who uses sexist or racist forms of harassment online, but that’s just me.

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