How to build a new PC: An unhelpful guide


– Charlie Braithwaite

My old computer was reliable, it could send emails, hell it could even receive emails. But when it came to games it could just about run StarCraft and DayZ, but was falling short on new releases. So it was time to embark on that exciting/tedious journey of building a new computer. And by build I mean drink beer and watch Alfred do it. Now I am referring to a friend of mine as Alfred because he is hidden behind the scenes here at LoadScreen, despite the fact that nothing would really work without him. He is our Alfred, essential to the operation of the Bat family, but never shooting his logo into the skyline. Also, I am totally Batman in this analogy, Tom is one of the Robins, not one of the cool ones either, maybe Jason Todd… after he dies. Oh shit, spoiler alert for something that happened before most of you were born.

To the spoiler mobile!

To the spoiler-mobile… oh wait, too late.

Anyway, so before I went completely off track in the first paragraph, what I was saying is that I got a new computer. The process started with picking out parts, something that I am not too good at. So like I usually do I palmed it off to Alfred and played Rocket League. This is the list that was ultimately purchased:

Rig list

If you spot what is wrong with this list, well done. We did not.

Looks pretty good right? Well my wallet disagreed, but my willingness to actually run games was all for it. However, one thing on that list isn’t quite right. We didn’t find out what until close to midnight when we were full of pizza and beer and surrounded in parts. Hint: mid tower case and a 280mm cooler. Yeah that fucking thing did not fit. Incidentally, comment if you would want to participate in a LoadScreen competition giving away a Corsair H110.

After soullessly staring at empty boxes until dawn I went out and bought a H105 and now I have a computer that works. Oh, as for that whole title alluding to a guide for building a PC, yeah just find a friend who is good at computers and use poison words in their ear until they do your bidding, or just buy them a few beers, whatever suits you best. Just make sure all the parts fit before you buy them.

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