For a short time only you can try Star Citizen for free


– Charlie Braithwaite

Are you keen to enlist in a huge space opera of a game? Well Star Citizen looks like it could worth watching when it comes to the new trend of open world space gaming. For a short time only you can play Star Citizen for free and experience what it is like to blow up strangers in space.

If you visit this page and enter QCFREEFLIGHT2K15 as a promotional code, you will get the chance to play  the Arena Commander module in a Hornet F7C until the 1st of August.


May or may not be able to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

If you have not been following Star Citizen, it is an extremely bold concept that if executed well, will literally blow the pants off of everyone on the planet. Check out the trailer below and try to not drool too much on your keyboard:

Charlie lost a dangerous amount of bodily fluids drooling over that trailer first time round, follow him on Twitter here @clbraith, and don’t forget to follow @load_screen and like us on Facebook.

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