Trial By Combat: STARWHAL

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– Charlie Braithwaite

After being well and truly shamed and collapsing into a pile of swear words in our last Trial By Combat I needed to calculate my revenge.  Through studying Tom’s every movement since our friendship began, I deduced he would suck at STARWHAL, the space narwhal combat simulator. Like a true gentleman I took to Twitter to issue the challenge:

The battlefield had been set and the trash talk had been issued. Now all that was left was to do was defeat Tom. Failure was not an option.

Without further delay, here is the video of our space whale duel:

Your move Mr. Heath. Your move.

Charlie stabbed a real Narwhal in the heart once, but he doesn’t like to talk about it. Follow him on Twitter here @clbraith, and don’t forget to follow @load_screen and like us on Facebook.


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