Gamescom Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gameplay trailer


– Tom Heath

We all should really have an expectation of what Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is going to look like, given it’s a sequel. Well, the new Gamescom trailer has confirmed that the fluid, parkour based gameplay is at the forefront of the title, and is looking mighty fine in 1080p and 60fps.

Here’s hoping it stays that way by the time it launches, been far too many “[INSERT NEW GAME] ACCUSED OF DOWNGRADING GRAPHICS” controversies this year.

Looks pretty cool. Now, gameplay demonstrations are often quite scripted, so as to whether or not the hand-to-hand combat has been improved over the original Mirror’s Edge remains to be seen.

Hopefully you can actually choose to run away from the danger, like the game is always encouraging you to, instead of always having to bring your fists to a gunfight…

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches February 23 2016.

Tom only ever needs his fists at a gunfight. True story. He can tell you all about it on Twitter: @tomdheath. Check out LoadScreen as well, @load_screen and Facebook, for more news and competitions.


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