Is it time we crossed the platform divide?


– Kyle Tander


LoadScreen’s editor Tom pictured during a skirmish in the Next Gen Wars.

Console wars have been fought ever since multiple gaming platforms have been in existence. These wars are fueled by the fact that two people can’t buy the same game, made by the same developer and play it with or against friends on a competing platform.

Imagine a world where console wars could be settled in competitive modes of Call of Duty, Battlefield or Evolve. Imagine Sony and Microsoft fanboys joining forces and putting aside their rivalries to complete a raid Destiny, or to share the chaos of Grand Theft Auto V online. Just visualise the cities that would rise and fall in cross platform Minecraft.

Surely developers and publishers would love to see a good-natured rivalry by allowing players to fight for their respective consoles. I’m not trying to say that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo could just simply throw a switch and go BAM everyone can use cross platform gaming and play together the next day, it just wouldn’t work like that.

It could happen one day but it would certainly take some doing to able to get past some significant technical hurdles, as the systems were deliberately designed to preclude cross platform gaming from the beginning.

Invest in a smart phone buddy.

Put it away, we’re playing PlayStation today, idiot.

History has shown that cross platform gaming can work with Portal 2, which allowed Playstation and PC gamers to interact. Fable: Legends which comes out later this year will support cross platform gaming between Xbox One and PC and the ever popular Rocket League allows Playstation and PC gamers to compete against each other. Even some mobile games have cross platform capabilities, like Hearthstone which allows IOS and Android gamers to play with PC users.

It’s long past time to make this the rule, not the exception. It would make our gaming devices more capable, thus more valuable, and would give multiplayer games a longer life. It would bring gamers together instead of positioning them against each other like owning a console is a gladiatorial blood sport.

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