Nine hours in, Twitch still hasn’t left Dark Souls tutorial


– Tom Heath

Video game streaming service Twitch has attempted to play many games via its collaborative play system. Just recently, they completed the original Metal Gear, and they also gave Pokemon Red a good slaying. This morning, they decided to attempt a challenge that many would consider complete lunacy; one that no amount of sun praising would assist.

They’re attempting to play From Software’s Dark Souls, and some nine hours in (at the time of writing) it is not going well. They haven’t even completed the tutorial yet.


It was probably just this phrase for at least five of those hours…

A “Twitch Plays” stream consists of a live feed of a game and is also attached to a live chat box. Anyone who wants to give a command to the player can do so in that chat and this results in a cavalcade of suggestions flooding the poor soul at the helm. They have to obey every command they receive, and most of the time they’re just flailing about like an out of control hose.

Below is the live feed if you want to check up on their progress. At the time of writing, they’re still rolling around the Northern Undead Asylum. In fact, for the entire time it took me to write this article, they’ve been stuck in the same room, striking walls and dive rolling like champions.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysDark on

Dark Souls is hard to control at the best of times, as it’s a game that is all about timing, strategy and being relentlessly pounded into the ground by vast amounts of unfair. My heart goes out to the person piloting this mess, for their sanity may not last the night…

Tom is a few bosses into Dark Souls, so he’s familiar with a good ground pounding. You can tell him how filthy that sounds on Twitter, @tomdheath. Be sure to check out LoadScreen on Twitter, @load_screen, and Facebook.


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