The story of Michelle Sanders, Fallout Shelter


– Tom Heath

We all know that Fallout Shelter is the destroyer of lives. Since it came out on Android last week I have been sporadically playing it, but something happened the other day that I wanted to talk about.

I sent a woman out into wasteland to see what they would come back with, as I was in dire need of better supplies. It was early on in my playthrough, so I foolishly sent her out there with no med kits, no Rad-Aways and no weaponry, not realising this would lead to her certain doom. I went back to micromanaging and only later learned she had died out there.

This was the point I realised that I could have been observing this poor woman’s progress on her journey, that there was a record of her thoughts and feelings before she met her untimely demise. I found it both hilarious and profoundly sad, and thought it would probably make for a good In Memoriam article.

However, I had already deleted the record of her journey, so I would need to deliberately send someone out into the wasteland without supplies for the express purpose of making funnies about their death.


I sent this to fellow editor Charlie, because I’m a cold sonova-bitch…

The Vault dweller I chose was named Michelle Sanders, and I gave her a single health kit and no Rad-Aways. Weapons? Yeah right, as if I would give this guinea pig one of my precious weapons. That’d be like I didn’t want her to depressingly perish!

But here’s the thing: Michelle Sanders is still alive and is killing it.



Where I expected Michelle to stumble past some Raiders, get found, be chased, maybe escape and try to pet a feral dog before dying hilariously, she actually found herself some combat fatigues, a shotgun and a decent amount of caps. What the actual hell…

Her victory against the Yao Guai was a highlight of her journey, but pretty soon afterwards the bleakness of the wasteland started to get to her.


Yep, that erotic massage fantasy had a quick turn around…

I hadn’t been paying attention back at the vault if Michelle had a special someone waiting for her, but that was probably because knowing that would make me feel guilty about sending her off to die for the lulz. I may be a monster, but I’m not that much of a monster.

Also along those lines, she was completely clueless as to my original ploy to joke about her dying.


Yes, I am the Overseer, but no, I clearly made the wrong choice!!!!!

Anyway, she passed the point of loneliness and eventually transitioned into full blown existentialism.


Geez Michelle, such a downer.

So, I’ve sent word for her to return home, but it will take some hours for her to arrive. Should be enough time to prepare a welcome home banner, and make the arrangements to appoint her president of the new world. My word, has she earned it.

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