The Witcher music video you always wanted


– Charlie Braithwaite

Ever since Queen created the first ever music video back in 1705, we’ve seen endless artistic interpretations of songs about big butts on MTV, but very rarely have we seen videos of Geralt of Rivia slicing up a monster.

If you’re like me and played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt obsessively, the soundtrack often got stuck in your head. Well fear not, for now that soundtrack is available on Spotify, Google Play and iTunes. It included 56 tracks, 25 of which were previously unavailable elsewhere.

To celebrate this grand occasion a Witcher music video has been created by dubbing one of the tracks, Lullaby of Woe, over the launch cinematic, and it’s amazing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. please throw all of the money in the world at the director to make this into a feature length film.
Charlie makes his own Witcher videos with his rabbit, ask him for a copy on Twitter @clbraith, and don’t forget to follow @load_screen and like us on Facebook.

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