LawBreakers gameplay trailer revealed

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– Charlie Braithwaite

If you missed it, earlier this week Gears of War‘s creator Cliff Bleszinski announced his first game since leaving Epic Games in 2012, LawBreakers. The premise is that an event called “The Shattering” caused the Moon to explode, which turns out isn’t too good for Earth. Fragments of the Moon rained down on our planet and pretty much made gravity punch Sir Isaac Newton right in the mouth. The alteration of Earth’s gravity allows criminals to do cool parkour moves and 360 no scope law enforcement in the air.

Sounds like it will make for a pretty fun game, right? If you want to see how it looks in action you can check out the gameplay trailer, which was released today:


I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks the gameplay looks like a mashup of Titanfall and TF2, which is more than enough reason to keep an eye on this title. We’ll keep you updated on Lawbreakers news when it comes in, until then we’ll be trying to break gravity and start a zero-g cartel of our own.

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