Month: August 2015

Until Dawn review: 10 hours at Blackwood Pines…

– Tom Heath The adjective “cinematic” has become a dirty word when it comes to describing a video game. After all, games aren’t movies so why should a game be trying to be like a movie? Well, regardless of your personal feelings of the phrase, I am going to use it anyway because Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn is very much trying to be like a movie; a teen/slasher horr...[Read More]

Hobbitholics Anonymous

– Alexa Viani Hi, my name is Alexa and I am a reformed “Hobbitholic”. This is my story. A disclaimer for any of those recovering Hobbitholics this article may have some triggers.  To protect others identities we have removed all real names and not disclosed alliance details. My love of Middle Earth was once so pure and simple but one fateful day I made a decision that would define me and tes...[Read More]

There’s No U In Zombi!

– Karly Taylor Due to the look I was given when I first enthusiastically presented the title idea of this article to my partner, I should probably explain it, so everybody reading can acknowledge my profound humour. Zombi, newly released on the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One, was originally a Wii U launch game, titled ZombiU, for obvious reasons. It received mixed reception for the Wii U, so...[Read More]

Super creepy live-action Until Dawn trailer

– Tom Heath In anticipation of the game’s launch this coming Wednesday, PlayStation have released a live-action trailer for choose-your-own-horror title Until Dawn. As one would expect, it is creepy as balls. Titled “The Road Not Taken”, the trailer was made in collaboration with studio MoFilm and highlights the choice aspect in Until Dawn‘s many moments spent fleeing...[Read More]

Gimme (Fallout) Shelter

– by Tim Sujak It’s happened, you guys. Two worlds have collided. For years, I’ve poured over reports, scoured dusty, long-forgotten archives for interviews – anything – that could prepare me for something like this. Honestly, though? I never thought it would happen – how could it? I was so careful. Perhaps that is why I failed. Perhaps that is why, a mere moment ago, I came acro...[Read More]

Leap of Fate: Cyberpunk meets tarot

– Charlie Braithwaite The Matrix was a cool film, and Tarot cards are also good at whatever they do. Should they be mixed together into a extremely hard game? Well they have been… sort of. The premise for Leap of Fate is certainly one of the game’s strongest aspects. And I will probably let the devs explain it themselves, because. uh… just read the premise, it’s prett...[Read More]

SMITE launches for Xbox One today

– Tom Heath Multiplayer-online-battle-arenas, or MOBAs for short, have been under represented on consoles, with the titans of the genre being the PC exclusives DOTA 2 and League of Legends. MOBAs are pretty much the dominant eSports, with this year’s DOTA 2 International prize pool of more than US$18 million. Heck, there’s even been a drug scandal in eSports! Well, today Xbox One...[Read More]

Need For Speed reinvented

Will the new Need For Speed reinvent the formula?

Will Allison Road be the rebirth of survival horror?

– Karly Taylor There’s no denying that the cancellation of the insanely popular P.T. demo has left something of a void in our little horror gamer hearts. Kojima’s unexpected split from Konami earlier in the year left most of us feeling like children going through their parents’ divorce. It took Konami a while to announce the sad fate of the Silent Hill sequel, along with th...[Read More]

The story of Michelle Sanders, Fallout Shelter

– Tom Heath We all know that Fallout Shelter is the destroyer of lives. Since it came out on Android last week I have been sporadically playing it, but something happened the other day that I wanted to talk about. I sent a woman out into wasteland to see what they would come back with, as I was in dire need of better supplies. It was early on in my playthrough, so I foolishly sent her out th...[Read More]

Goat Simulator: Game of the Year

– Karly Taylor Now you might be wondering about the headline, and so I feel the need to clear it up rather early. No, to my knowledge, Goat Simulator is not game of the year, nor is it likely to ever be. Realistically there’s just too much competition in that department, going against AAA titles… I could go on at lengths about this semi-redundant point, but I’m sure youR...[Read More]

Polybridge: How to commit mass bridge murder

– Charlie Braithwaite I’m not good at a lot of things. Up the top of that list is basic math and structural engineering. Maybe it’s the latter which makes me probably the worst Polybridge player of all time. However, what I lack in skills I make up for in determination and lack of regard for tiny animated life. The premise of Polybridge is simple, construct bridges across a river...[Read More]

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