Pokemon GO: How to over promise with a trailer

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– Charlie Braithwaite

Yesterday the world was literally taken over by Pokemon when the trailer for the upcoming app Pokemon GO was released. While the trailer looks amazing, it’s surely over promising the hell out of what it can deliver.

If you missed it you can check it out below:

Admittedly we haven’t seen the game in action yet, but it will be hard to create a reality where Pokemon battle in Times Square in front of a crowd of smart phone wielding onlookers. Perhaps even more bizarre is a world where a Charizard can be caught with a standard Poke Ball. That Pokedude requires an Ultra Ball at least.

I want these things to be true as much as the next person, but what is more likely to happen is a bunch of awkward people waving their smart phones around too much in public.

Oh wait, that doesn’t change anything. Nevermind.

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