FIFA 16: Same old FIFA


– Charlie Braithwaite

It’s that special time of year when football fans, me included, lose their shit over a slightly nicer looking version of a game they already own.

Chelsea are still cheats.

Chelsea are still cheats.

Corruption FIFA 16 was released in Australia today, and I’ve spent all day missing goals and getting yellow cards to let you guys know if it is worth getting.

FIFA 16 does what it says on the box, there are all the same bells an whistles that fans will be used to. Ultimate Team is as addictive as ever and every goal scored against me is, as always, completely bullshit and undeserved.



Playing the first few games you will notice the mechanics are slightly different enough from FIFA 15 to have veterans contemplate throwing a controller through the TV. Seriously, it is so freaking hard to score in every new FIFA game until your muscles forget how long you had to hold shoot for in the last iteration.

FIFA 16 looks pretty, but overall it isn’t an extreme change since 15, in fact out of all the FIFA games, I’d probably say this one has brought the least new content to the table, well at least it feels like that so far. To date I’ve played roughly five hours of the game, so that may feel different later on.

Defending is a bit easier in 16, and your goalkeeper isn’t completely useless now, that being said, once you get the hang of shooting it’s a little bit easier to score.



The largest portion of the game I have played is in manager mode, which has a few minor tweaks. You can now set training exercises for your players in the form of skill games to boost their form. You can also now sign up for preseason tournaments for added cash before the league kicks off.

The main feature which will draw players into buying FIFA 16 is Ultimate Team. UT now has a draft pick mode, allowing players to pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw. This selected team can only play in one formation and in up to four games. Draft mode essentially is just another way to earn points for your club.

These are cool features, but they easily could have just been DLC for FIFA 15. I know it would be sacrilegious to suggest that EA don’t need to release a whole new game every year, because just updating the team sheets in the already working version of the game would totally be fine. But, you know…. money.


“What are you talking about? We don’t get paid enough.”

Perhaps the biggest change that has taken place in FIFA 16 is the inclusion of women’s international teams. And yeah they are in a category as women, because women are a country apparently.

They move and control just the same as the men, but the ratio of ridiculous haircuts and ugly tattoos on players is much lower, so that’s a plus. Arguably the best feature of the women’s teams is that Australia doesn’t have a team which completely sucks in a FIFA game for once.

Aside from from the fact that FIFA 16 doesn’t really bring much new to the table, it’s still FIFA and I’ll be pouring hundreds of hours into it over the next year regardless of what’s new. So yeah, if you like football and yelling at miniature professional athletes, get this game.

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