SOMA is gross

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– Charlie Braithwaite

I don’t like horror games. I really don’t. That being said, when I read about how great SOMA by Frictional games is, I decided to give it a shot. After playing for close to two hours I have come to the conclusion that it is fucking gross and not fit for human consumption.

Duuuude, don't touch that.

Duuuude, don’t touch that.

The fact there is a monster that makes noises like a dial up internet connection should be enough to turn anyone away, dial up internet was a long forgotten memory, but now it has come back to torment you in an underwater lab.

Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, I did enjoy my first run in SOMA, the setting is great (who doesn’t love sci-fi?! Seriously, leave now if you don’t) and the story, whilst poorly voice acted, is compelling.

You can check out me accidentally murder a blob and my first encounter with a monster in the gameplay footage below:

Stay tuned for more SOMA news and videos. We are hoping to get a review over to you guys in the next few days. It would be sooner, but  I’ll be playing FIFA for the next few days to try and forget about that claustrophobic fear pit.

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