Month: October 2015

Games of PAX Aus: Fat Princess, The Desperate Mile and We Happy Few

We’re up to day two of PAX Aus and by this point we’ve had a chance to check out a lot of games. Here’s a quick run down of some of the highlights, lowlights and first impressions. Fat Princess Adventures The greatest thing about PAX is probably the most obvious aspect, everybody here loves games. This was really driven home with Fat Princess Adventures at the PlayStation booth. ...[Read More]

The Division gameplay impressions: bring friends…

It’s been a long time coming, but Ubisoft’s tactical third-person shooter The Division is close to launching early next year. With the release not so far away, I was finally able to get my hands on the game at PAX Australia and get an idea of how it’s going to pan out. What did I learn? Clarity will be key. The brief demo took place in the eerily quiet, snowy city-scape featured ...[Read More]

Indie games of PAX Aus: games for adult gamers

PAX Australia 2015 kicked off today, and the whole LoadScreen team is here to check it out. All the game developers have come out to play, from the head honchos of Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo, to the indie studios keen to get their games out into the world. We have lots in store regarding the big guns, but here we thought we’d show the highlights from the PAX Rising indie games show-floor...[Read More]

Earthlight: Drifting through space at PAX

Some things are inherently terrifying, being stranded in the ocean with a great white (more on that tomorrow), being near a spider and drifting through space. Earthlight is a VR experience that puts you right up there in the nope category of floating through space without a tether. Director of Business Development at Opaque media Norman Wang told LoadScreen that the game was developed with assista...[Read More]

Remaking Magic: Gaming’s best remakes

– James Orr Some games are amazing the first time you play them, and even better the next time they come around. Here we’ll be looking at the times the remakes were as good or better than their originals. And to be clear, we’re not looking at graphical remasters, but only at remakes where the game has either been rebuilt from the ground up, or received substantial gameplay improvements, whil...[Read More]

The coded brilliance of Mu Complex

– Nick Palmisano  I confess that I’ve never really been good with computers. Never been good at science, or mathematics, or coding. Web design classes floored me with all the Cobra coding nonsense. Or was it Boa? I think it was Python. Snakes aside, the numbers always flew over my head. No matter how hard I tried, my brain just did not compute. I was never going to be a computer engineer, we...[Read More]

Five of the weirdest simulator games

– Karolina Firman We’ve all heard of the oddness that is Goat Simulator, but there are a great many other games out there that are equally as odd.  There’s a multitude of street cleaning and dating games, but those are only the tip of the weird simulator game iceberg. In no particular order here are five of the weirdest simulator games that you can play Train Simulator 2016 Yes y...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 multiplayer reveal

Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer mode was revealed early this morning during PlayStation’s Paris Games Week. The trailer provided an over the top glimpse at the fast paced, teamwork centered multiplayer mode for Naughty Dog’s latest entry into the Uncharted series. You can see the video for yourself right here, be sure to keep an eye out for some supernatural surprises: Those who have a...[Read More]

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a ghost train ride at home

With Playstation VR being slated for release in 2016, we’re now starting to hear about the kind of games we’re going to see released for it rather than just tech demos showing off how silly we all look while playing in VR. At the Paris Playstation conference overnight, developer Supermassive Games revealed a VR follow up to choose-your-own horror game Until Dawn titled Until Dawn: Rush...[Read More]

New game from Quantic Dream: Detroit

David Cage has revealed the new Playstation 4 game from his studio Quantic Dream, and it is called Detroit. Showing it during the Paris Playstation conference overnight, the game is based upon a tech demo shown by Quantic Dream in 2012 called Kara, where an all purpose android has gained sentience on the production line and manages to talk her way out into the open world. The first thing I shall s...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky release date revealed

Playstation held a conference in Paris overnight, and they revealed a whole heap of information for some of their most anticipated titles. There were many things to get us excited, but arguably one of the biggest announcements was the release window for No Man’s Sky, the universe sized space exploration game that designed itself. The game will be launching on PS4 in June 2016, and developer ...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate review: dapper murderers inc.

Reviewed on: Playstation 4 They’ve done it, they’ve finally done it. We, the people of the world, now have a cockney street gang simulator. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the rush of waving over your mates to come fight some guys, shout all the British slang you can think of and then burn their possessions, then my word is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate the game for you. Yes, th...[Read More]

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