Far Cry Primal leaked


– Charlie Braithwaite

Have you ever been wandering around a jungle in a Far Cry game and thought to yourself, “man I’d love to fire this bow at some extinct animals.” Well, good news! You might be able to soon.

Earlier today Kotaku reported that  a live stream of a cave painting Ubisoft uploaded was in fact a reveal for Far Cry Primal, which will be set in the Ice Age. This information comes from sources allegedly close to the inner workings over at Ubisoft.

What can we expect to see in an Ice Age Far Cry? Well from the looks of the cave painting being shown, plenty of extinct animals, including woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers. As for weapons it would be safe to say Far Cry Primal won’t have guns (unless we’re looking at time travel), so expect to hunt those sabre tooth tigers with a spear or bow.

"If you throw a spear at me I will maul the ever loving shit out of you, just saying."

“If you throw a spear at me I will maul the ever loving shit out of you, just saying.”

No news yet whether the game will feature dinosaurs or not. Historically speaking it shouldn’t, however if Far Cry 4 is anything to go by there also shouldn’t be yetis chilling in the Himilayas, so fingers crossed for velociraptor skin wallets.

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