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– Charlie Braithwaite

Considering The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt DLC Hearts of Stone came out this week, CD Projekt RED thought they’d show you how to be a pro Witcher. In the video below game designer Damien Monnier takes you through the process behind becoming a pro monster hunter.

If you don’t have a spare eight minutes to watch the video here’s what Damien teaches you in a nutshell.

Each witcher school has a specific set of spells and combat styles which will help you become a feared combatant.

School of the cat armour/blade is a light set. The cat school techniques are best used if you play like a “nimble assasin,” which entails moving around a lot and dealing strikes to staggered enemies.

School of the griffin is medium armour with blades which are best matched for fighting beasts.  The griffin school is ideal  for those who play in a more mage like role and rely a lot on signs.

School of the wolf uses a medium armour set with +50 per cent resistance to damage from monsters and increased attack power. The blades provide a boost to adrenaline, and chance to cause bleeding among others. The school of the wolf is best for those that like to mix it up between sword fighting and using signs.

School of the bear has a heavy armour set which decreases stamina regeneration, but provides increased hit bonuses and adrenalin. Bear school is best for those who like to play like a tank, using the quen sign to absorb damage, whilst hitting hard themselves.

witcher 3 world

Or you can play as a pacifist and just stare longingly at cities.

Damian ends by discussing alchemy, which can be summed up by saying, use potions, bombs and oils, seriously guys, don’t just collect them like you know you did in Skyrim, they can be insanely good. To find out how to best use your potions you can check the bestiary.

Now you’ve read this, seriously find time to watch the  video if you want to see an absolute pro controlling Geralt, it’s mesmerising. Damian has promised to create more be a pro witcher videos in the future, so we can all look forward to looking like absolutely horrible witchers compared to him in the future.

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