The Star Wars Battlefront season pass costs too many galactic credits


– Charlie Braithwaite

There is a disturbance in the force, and this time it is coming straight for your wallet. In a press release from EA today we learned that the Star Wars Battlefront season pass will cost Australian gamers a whopping AU$69.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and $59.99 on PC through Origin.

The reason they used Darth to promote this is because it is sinister.

The reason they used Darth to promote this is because it’s filled with hate.

Is 2015 destined to be the year DLC gets out of hand? Just look at some of the shitty examples we’ve had, Arkham Knight offer probably some of the worst half arsed content and Deus Ex: Mankind Divide offered the worst ever pre-order system, before scrapping the idea, because of course they should have.

Some gamers may be upset with the Star Wars season pass pricing due to the fact the game doesn’t have a campaign. Can we assume this large sum of money be going towards just exclusive gear and additional maps? It has been announced that those with the pass will get an exclusive “Shoot First” emote, which shows that even EA think Lucas went too far in the remasters.

Much like with Battlefield Premium season pass owners will get the DLC earlier than those buying incrementally. Hopefully closer to the date we will learn more about what the season pass entails and find out why it’s priced so high. So be sure to stay tuned for more Star Wars Battlefront news!

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