This Metal Gear Solid V FOB infiltrator is one cool customer

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-Tom Heath

Now that the game has been out for some six weeks, and I just completed the campaign the other day, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will soon start sneaking its way out of the gaming news cycle. There may come a day when the appeal of the game fails but, to paraphrase a certain king of Gondor, it is not this day.

This day we have amazing YouTube clips.

YouTube user LawRyuzaki uploaded this video of them infiltrating rival player Crimson_Ryan’s Foward Operating Base (FOB), the online platforms created in Phantom Pain as a sort of tower-defence mini-game. LawRyuzaki’s goal: to steal Crimson_Ryan’s nuclear warhead, then reach the central control room. Watching LawRyuaki do it is like watching professional ballet, graceful and precise, at least initially.

Things go a little south towards the end there after reaching the nuke, where finesse goes out the window and LawRyuzaki immediately becomes reactionary, but the initial infiltration is a work of art. The way they used bullet ricochets to casually direct guards’ attention, allowing them to walk calming through the outer perimeter, was just amazing. I would have been slowly tossing empty magazines and tranquillising all the guards to try and remove threats, but this approach allows for greater speed and precision. LawRyuzaki knew exactly where to shoot and barely needed to break their stride.

I hope more and more of these videos start popping up in my feeds, this is a kind of eSport I would watch!

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