Halo 5 gameplay video


– Charlie Braithwaite

It’s been an exciting few days for Halo fans as yesterday Xbox distributed review keys for Halo 5, allowing streamers to upload the first three missions.

So far the game has impressed, the pounding story and familiar setting combined with new gameplay features are making Halo 5 stand out as one of the boldest moves for the franchise yet.

As this isn’t a review I won’t go into too much detail, but all I can say is I’m glad I didn’t have a mic plugged in for my stream, the squeals coming from me were far too real.


You can watch our run through in the video below, beware it contains SPOILERS for the first three missions:

If you didn’t watch the video it basically sets the scene for the game plot wise, with Master Chief and Blue team going rogue to find Cortana and Fireteam Osiris pursing them, leading up to what we hope is an epic Spartan showdown.

As we are bound to not say too much at this stage I will save all my impressions and excitement for our official review.

Stay tuned for more Halo 5 gameplay and news in the future!

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