LoadScreen play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Some games are so beautifully named that you can come into them with pretty accurate expectations. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is one of those games.

The premise is simple, one player sits in front of a computer with a live bomb to interact with and the other, who can’t see the screen, has the instructions to defuse said bomb.

The bombs contain set amounts of modules, to defuse the bomb the player must accurately describe what the modules look like to their friend with the manual, who will then talk them through the actions needed for a defusal. As you can imagine, this allows for some pretty tense and amazing moments.

Don’t go into Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes expecting to win by just cutting the blue wire, these modules are complicated!

Of course myself and fellow LoadScreen editor Tom Heath decided to give it a go. You can see how the game works in the video below, you can also hear what it sounds like when grown men panic.

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