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On November 21st Mario and friends will take to the courts in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. This Wii U exclusive enables four players to battle it out at once and for the first time includes the option of teaming up with an amiibo.

It’s been a while since Mario Tennis has been on the scene, Mario Tennis Open  for the 3DS was the last entry for the series in 2012. The original Mario Tennis was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000.

Mario Tennis (N64)

The original Mario Tennis for N64


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will feature four different modes, as described by Nintendo these modes are:

Knockout Challenge: Tense tiebreak matches against increasingly difficult computer-controlled opponents await in this single-player mode. If the going gets too tough, you can call in a supported amiibo as your doubles partner.

Mega Battle: Your character grows to gigantic proportions after grabbing a Mega Mushroom, dominating the court with their increased power and range. When rivals on both sides of the net are giant-sized, anything can happen!

Classic Tennis: For those who prefer their tennis a little more traditional, Classic Tennis offers two variations: Standard mode features Chance Shots and Jump Shots but no Mega Mushrooms, while Simple puts competitors between the tramlines with no Chance Shots or power-ups – a real test of tennis prowess.

Online multiplayer: Go up against distant adversaries from all over the world in competitive ranked play in either Mega Battle or Classic Tennis modes, or quickly jump into more casual matches. Two players on the same console can team up to take on all-comers, or a supported amiibo can join you on as your doubles partner on the online courts.

Those that purchase Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash in the first four weeks of release from the Nintendo eShop will receive a download code for the original Mario Tennis.

You can check out screenshots of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and two new Wii Remote Plus Toad and Bowser designs, which will be released on the same day, below:

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