Five of the weirdest simulator games

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– Karolina Firman

We’ve all heard of the oddness that is Goat Simulator, but there are a great many other games out there that are equally as odd.  There’s a multitude of street cleaning and dating games, but those are only the tip of the weird simulator game iceberg. In no particular order here are five of the weirdest simulator games that you can play

Train Simulator 2016

If you look closely it actually has "fuck my life" written in this screenshot... not even a joke.

If you look closely it actually has “fuck my life” written in this screenshot… not even a joke.

Yes you too can experience all of the varied joys of driving a train, with absolutely none of the responsibility. Nice. There are actually 36 train simulator games (according to a super informative Wikipedia page). Ranging from; Densha de Go a Japanese train simulator game that started as an arcade game, all the way to the Railroad Tycoon game series.

Train-spotting is a surprisingly popular hobby, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that it such a popular game idea.

Soda Drinker Pro


Add ice for an extra challenge.

Finally after years of drinking soda like a chump you can drink it like a pro. This game is exactly what it says on the packaging, a game in which you drink some soda. In a variety of exciting places, on the beach, at a nightclub and (while completely ignoring the lack of gravity) in space.

The only thing more exciting than playing a soda simulator game is basically anything, literally anything else in the world.

Hatoful Boyfriend

hatoful boyfriend

This just seems like a great premise for a game.

Dating Games are old hack, dime a dozen. What could this game have that would make it special? Well… How about the fact that you’re playing as pigeons?

Yes, you play as a human character as the only student at a St. PigeoNation’s Institute, an elite pigeon school. It gets weirder too, there’s an additional un-locakable part of the game where its revealed that the protagonist is dead. This part has the protagonist shadow another character as they try to discover how they were murdered.

Pigeon love and murder, what more could you want from any game?



This coffee is too hot/terrifying, take it back.

Not strictly a simulator game, but close enough and weird enough that I couldn’t help but add it to the list. You play as a character that has woken up in a world that is addicted to caffeine, at a caffeine mining station.

The aim of the game is to wander around confused and scared as you try to find out whats going on, and what happened to the world. Not a strict simulator game, but weird enough to make the list

Shower with your Dad Simulator 2015

“Dad, why are there strange men in here?”

“Dad, why are there strange men in here?”

We have saved the best for last, the infamous Shower with your Dad Simulator. The title is self explanatory, the aim of the game? You and your Dad are showering together, but you get separated and you need to find and hug your Dad. But you need to find the right Dad, don’t hug the wrong one.

Loadscreen has covered a shower simulator games before, so if they seems like your jive read more here. Brace yourselves for the upcoming simulator of this article, oh wait, you got this far? Congrats, you won.

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