New game from Quantic Dream: Detroit


David Cage has revealed the new Playstation 4 game from his studio Quantic Dream, and it is called Detroit. Showing it during the Paris Playstation conference overnight, the game is based upon a tech demo shown by Quantic Dream in 2012 called Kara, where an all purpose android has gained sentience on the production line and manages to talk her way out into the open world.

The first thing I shall say is WOW, THAT FRAME RATE. And the second thing: we are certainly walking along the edge of the uncanny valley here.

David Cage is known to make pretty looking “cinematic” games, so it is no surprise this trailer plays out like a short film. When I saw Kara in 2012, I was really impressed by its storytelling and verisimilitude, being able to establish its character and stakes so well and so quickly that emotional gut punches were achievable in its seven minute runtime. But as to whether it will make for a compelling game? This will remain to be seen.

Cage’s Heavy Rain was great but flawed, creating a compelling choice-based narrative that did actually alter depending on player actions. There was no game over, just the end of the story if you somehow got all the protagonists killed. But his last game, Beyond: Two Souls, was a huge mess of teen drama, horror, supernatural, action genres that just fell flat on its face due to a lack of cohesion. With Detroit seeming (again, SEEMING) to be grounded in a sci-fi reality and not revolving around mystical forces, maybe it has a shot to recapture some Heavy Rain-esque magic.

And if it doesn’t, hopefully we can at least run around Detroit pressing X to gain self-awareness. Sadly no release window was given.

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