Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a ghost train ride at home


With Playstation VR being slated for release in 2016, we’re now starting to hear about the kind of games we’re going to see released for it rather than just tech demos showing off how silly we all look while playing in VR. At the Paris Playstation conference overnight, developer Supermassive Games revealed a VR follow up to choose-your-own horror game Until Dawn titled Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Little was shown of the actual game itself, but in the reveal video executive producer Simon Harris describes Rush of Blood as a “roller coaster ride and a shooter experience”. This falls in line with rumours reported on Destructoid last week about the game being an on-rails horror game, kind of like the rides you see at MovieWorld, but in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s Harris describing the game and the process they went through to make it. And they even throw in some people looking silly playing in VR, would you look at that!

Hopefully they also include some of that binaural recording stuff from their recent trailers, that would really lend itself to VR.


As for what Rush of Blood will be about and how it relates to the main game, I found Harris’ wording to be very interesting. Why would any of the characters be riding around in a mine cart, being scared by ghouls and not just bail out of it and run? Well, Harris says quite early on that Rush of Blood will be a “roller coaster ride, a shooter experience and the decent into madness for one of our characters from Until Dawn.” Is he referring to Josh, the unhinged brother of the missing twins who goes a little crazy and orchestrates a horrific (yet perfectly safe) game to traumatise his friends?

We got a glimpse of his “decent” with the psychiatrist scenes in Until Dawn, but maybe Rush of Blood will be a more psychosis based experience. Could make for an interesting story, providing they don’t just phone it in and just have creepy faces pop up when we least expect it…

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