Games of PAX Aus: Fat Princess, The Desperate Mile and We Happy Few


We’re up to day two of PAX Aus and by this point we’ve had a chance to check out a lot of games. Here’s a quick run down of some of the highlights, lowlights and first impressions.

Fat Princess Adventures

Obese royalty simulator.

Obese royalty simulator.

The greatest thing about PAX is probably the most obvious aspect, everybody here loves games. This was really driven home with Fat Princess Adventures at the PlayStation booth. Four controllers are hooked up and strangers jump in together for questionable eating habits and goblin fights. I learned that a complete stranger had her fantasy of becoming a fat sassy black woman fulfilled by Fat Princess, can’t say that happens everyday.

The game is surprisingly bloody, different from the original, and relatively difficult considering its nature. What was available for us to play was more of a campaign and quite distanced from the multiplayer in the original.

Switching between classes based on the hats you wear, you can play as the usual Fat Princess classes including archers, wizards and knights. Princesses are back, as the title implies, but this time they are able to fight alongside you instead of just chowing down on dessert. Eating cake during the level also makes your player go all fat and angry, like a flabby Hulk.

Fat Princess Adventures has a release date set for 2015, so uh, I guess it will be available in the next few months.

The Desperate Mile

DesperateMile - Promo_9

Another title from the PlayStation booth, The Desperate Mile is the creation of Sydney based four man team Nineslice. With a moody gothic horror setting, The Desperate Mile puts the player in the shoes of a man framed for murder who must clear his name.

Developer Dayle Keiron told LoadScreen that the game was inspired by Hotline Miami and Japanese RPGs. Built in the Unity 5 engine, The Desperate Mile has amazing shadow textures which are achieved through 3D, despite the game’s 2D look. The gameplay does indeed reflect Hotline Miami, but at a slower pace,  including the horrifying aspect of manual reloads as shadow monsters close in.

RPG elements will have a large impact in the game as your chosen words will impact on whether townspeople trust you enough to vouch for your innocence. It was great seeing a small Australian team represented in the PlayStation booth and this certainly looks like a title to keep an eye out for.

We Happy Few

we happy few

Way back when We Happy Few was announced, I lost my hypothetical shit. Finally getting my hands on it at PAX ended up being underwhelming. The game is hidden away and, at least when I played it, didn’t have headphones included. Starting in a safe room the demo has you head out into the world to explore. There was nothing to help me or prompt me into action, I searched a few upturned wardrobes and found no loot. Walking around a few glum looking inhabitants were speaking to me, what did they say? I’ll never know…. because there weren’t any headphones!

All of a sudden lady started pushing me (in the game not at PAX) and then I ended up violently beating her to death in front of some villagers who then chased me. Without context it just seemed like I was playing a worst human in the world simulator, but hey, maybe that’s what Compulsion Games are going for.

I’m hoping properly playing the title with atmosphere is a far better experience.

Okay, back into the crowds. Expect more PAX news from us over the weekend as we’ll have plenty more content to shove in your faces.

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