Month: October 2015

Brigador: Early access sci-fi strategy

– Stefan Bradley Brigador is an Early Access PC game on Steam. It’s an isometric real-time tactics game. You pick a vehicle and its assorted weaponry and are placed in a sci-fi district at a random starting location. In the world of Brigador, everyone’s against you, except for maybe the civilians, who you can crush at will, you jerks. Brigador favours a pick-up-and-play approach with short p...[Read More]

Halo 5 review: Guardians of the Haloverse

As always we’re slapping a big old SPOILER warning on this review, whilst we leave out major plot points, those with a particularly high level of spoiler sensitivity may find some of the following material distressing. Taking you to the edge of the galaxy, Halo 5 raises questions of loyalty when Earth’s greatest heroes fall from grace. It’s been three years since the Master Chief...[Read More]

Transformers Devastation Review: Not much more than meets the eye

-Aaron Birch Let me get this straight right now. As a child of the 80s, there’s only one true Transformers, and that’s Generation One. No Beast Wars, Energon, Armada, and certainly not the total bag of sweaty balls Michael Bay has created. Oh no. There’s only one Optimus Prime, and Megatron is the real Decepticon leader (and that’s the guise that turns into a bloody great h...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Flywrench

– Simon Vallenet One of my proudest achievements as a gamer has been to completely finish Super Meat Boy, and I mean 100%. Since then, I’ve been looking for a game that could offer me the same kind of challenge, a game that would get me “in the zone.” Well if you’re like me, I can tell you that your search is over. Flywrench is the game. Coming straight out the mind of Messhof (the creator o...[Read More]

Serving up Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

  On November 21st Mario and friends will take to the courts in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. This Wii U exclusive enables four players to battle it out at once and for the first time includes the option of teaming up with an amiibo. It’s been a while since Mario Tennis has been on the scene, Mario Tennis Open  for the 3DS was the last entry for the series in 2012. The original Mario Tenni...[Read More]

Custom faceplates coming to PS4

If you are getting tired of your black or white PS4 you can now change things up by getting a custom look for your console with PlayStation’s new range of faceplates. There are four colours available, including neon orange, aqua blue, red and glacier white. Silver and gold will be available for European gamers, but will unfortunately not be for sale in Australia. The plates can be fitted by ...[Read More]

Why Resident Evil 4 is the best game in the franchise

When the nostalgia hit me like a tidal wave of bricks and the idea for this article presented itself, I was tempted to write my reasoning behind it as “because it fuckin’ is”, followed by issuing a challenge inviting anyone who disagrees to come and fight me and end it there. Eloquent and classy, I know. But I’ve found after conversing with fellow gamers that this seems to be a pretty ...[Read More]

The Escapists: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has blown up in the past few years. From being a humble comic series about the apocalyptic adventures of Rick Grimes, the title has become a full blown franchise with two TV series and a bunch of games to boot. Perhaps one of the strangest tie-ins to the show is The Escapists: The Walking Dead. Apart from having too many uses of “the” in the name, the game is a mix of ...[Read More]

Blood Bowl 2: When orcs play sports

Blood Bowl is what you get when you mix American Football, a fantasy setting and over the top violence. The latest entry to the franchise video game is Blood Bowl 2, which is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A sequel to the 2009 Blood Bowl this follow up feels much the same, but is more user friendly and looks nicer. The game consists of eight races that will be familiar to fantasy...[Read More]

LoadScreen play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Some games are so beautifully named that you can come into them with pretty accurate expectations. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is one of those games. The premise is simple, one player sits in front of a computer with a live bomb to interact with and the other, who can’t see the screen, has the instructions to defuse said bomb. The bombs contain set amounts of modules, to defuse the bomb...[Read More]

PlayStation 4 drops price in Australia

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced that the PlayStation 4 500GB console will drop from $549.95AUD to a recommended retail price of $479.95 including GST in Australia. Unsurprisingly the move is coming just in time for Christmas and ahead of the launch of some huge titles, including Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. This move will bring the Ps4...[Read More]

New Halo 5 trailer brings the crazy

– Charlie Braithwaite Remember how literally today we were talking about how great some of the Halo ad campaigns have been? Well it turns out that by some macabre coincidence the latest Halo 5 Guardians trailer is horrendously repulsive. You can see it in its moist glory. WARNING: you may question your sexuality and that water you’re drinking right now. Yeah, little out of left field o...[Read More]

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