Month: October 2015

PANORAMICAL: Tripping balls and gaming together at last

– Charlie Braithwaite Have you ever wanted to feel like Jackson Pollock and Moby mixed into one? Well now you can! PANORAMICAL is an indie game where you control visual and audio cues to create serene melodies and colour patterns that take the form of magical landscapes, or you can totally spaz out and make the worst acid trip imaginable. With PANORAMICAL we’re almost treading into a g...[Read More]

March of Industry – weapons maker tycoon

-Tom Heath Indie games have been delving into entertainingly portraying dark topics for years now. Hotline Miami, and its sequel, portrayed PTSD induced psychosis, and The Stanley Parable looked at the futility of our perceived free-will; just to name a few. Well, now March of Industry wants to know how efficient and organised you can be at producing weapons of mass destruction to then sell on to ...[Read More]

Ode to old school horror

– Karly Taylor By definition, an ode is typically a piece of writing in lyrical/poetic format, created with the intention of being sung as a melody. Now, I’m not going to do that for two reasons. First reason being I’m a journalist, not a song writer, so anything I churn out in an effort to try and be musical will turn out more of a parody than anything else. Secondly, nobody wan...[Read More]

5 of the best dogs in video games

– Charlie Braithwaite As we all know, dogs are the greatest things in the universe. I’ve previously discussed how much I hate it when they are enemies in games, but now it’s time to honour the pups who have been our digital companions. These aren’t ranked in any particular order, all dogs are amazing, so it would be unfair to judge them (except my dog IRL who is the best ever). Fable II: Dog...[Read More]

Partying hard with TinyBuilds latest bloody offering

-Nick Palmisano I feel like I am building a reputation as the game writer who writes about quirky and or horrifying Indie games. Well good news friends, I am here to tell you, the trend continues! I am not a party person. As the old saying goes, I’ve ‘been there, and done that’. I like to spend my time on more productive endeavours, like, you know, stabbing a mindless horde of pixelated meat bags ...[Read More]

Super Mutant Alien Assault: Dubstep and gore

– Charlie Braithwaite Sometimes it’s the games that you least expect to enjoy that surprise you. This certainly was the case with Super Mutant Alien Assault, the name didn’t conjure up images of a great indie title, except that it is just that, an amazingly simple yet brutal platform shooter that gets the blood pumping. It’s one of those game that is easy to pick up but har...[Read More]

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection review

-Tom Heath Remastered games have been a huge point of contention in the current generation of consoles. On the one hand, many would rather developers and publishers focus on creating new titles for the newer systems rather than giving old games a facelift. But on the other hand, remasters can be great for anyone who has swapped console brands this generation, or hasn’t owned a gaming system ...[Read More]

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