Month: November 2015

Metal Gear Solid V wants to achieve world peace

  If I can draw your attention away from the beautiful apocalypse that is Fallout 4, or bring you forward in time from the galaxy far, far away, I’d like to remind you of a little game that came out not three months ago: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You may have heard of it, as I do tend to bang on about it. And I mean really bang on about it. A LOT. And three months on, MGSV i...[Read More]

Fallout 4: snapshots from the wasteland 3

  While reviewing Fallout 4, I quite enjoyed it by the way, I took a fair few screenshots to use in the piece. I only used a few of them in the final piece but I had so many others that I felt the need to share them. You’ll notice I seem to favour a particular gun, that’s because she’s amazing and has gotten me out of many sticky situations. Her name is “Boom StickR...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Titan Souls

– Simon Vallenet Since its first appearance at the Ludum Dare Game Jam in 2013, Titan Souls has always been categorised as an indie/2D version of Shadow of the Colossus, one of the greatest games of the Playstation 2 catalogue, which is fair to say that it sounded pretty promising. Hands on keyboard, the game is slightly different and somewhat disappointing but don’t get me wrong: it’s still...[Read More]

Telltale’s Game of Thrones review – oh god, my feels…

  With its season finale dropping last week, and the physical retail release arriving yesterday, Telltale’s Game of Thrones has come to a close. This series has been an interesting experiment for Telltale Games as it is set during the events of an ongoing property, HBO’s Game of Thrones television series, rather than prior to the original source material ala The Wolf Among Us; fol...[Read More]

How to not be a Jar Jar in Star Wars Battlefront

  Star Wars Battlefront has been out for a while now, and one thing is pretty clear, it can be difficult to do well in the game. Just looking at the scoreboards you may notice a massive gap in K/D ratio from top player to bottom. With these tips you should be able to up your game from Ewok to Emperor. Detonators are your friend Let’s say you’re a relative beginner and aren’t...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege beta impressions – hope you’re in for the long haul…

  Rainbow Six: Siege is a game that one day I think I will have a lot of fun with. But in order to do that I’m going to have to go through an incredibly arduous journey of failure and I just don’t know if I have it in me. Seriously, even with the amount of time I have for gaming in my schedule, I don’t know if I could commit to essentially training myself in order to have a ...[Read More]

Steam Autumn Sale is here to take all your money before the Xmas one…

  Steam sales are great, as we’ve covered before, and are one of the best things about PC gaming. They even help alleviate the pain from the hit your wallet took spending so much money on your sweet rig, before they go about taking all your money again. Well, the Steam Autumn Sale (this time called the “Exploration Sale”) has landed and is running until December 1 US time, s...[Read More]

Fallout 4: How exploring turned into a nightmare

  Fallout 4 has pretty much turned into an obsession for every writer at LoadScreen. Since I’m very close to the end game and don’t want to pick a faction I’ve been endlessly exploring the wastelands, searching for loot and shooting raiders right in the groin. This exploration bender has been going on for some time and up until yesterday it was mostly care free. Not anymore,...[Read More]

Stack up – the Rainbow Six: Siege open beta begins tomorrow

  Get ready to go full tactical, the Rainbow Six: Siege open beta kicks off tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pretty soon we shall see if we will all learn to get along and work as a team to achieve our objectives or if we will devolve into the squabbling, alleged mother-fornicating mob commonly found in online shooter games. Seriously, the original gameplay reveal for Siege (shown below) fea...[Read More]

Fallout 4: How to kill a Deathclaw

  Sometimes bosses in Fallout 4 can be pretty overpowered, such was the case with this Deathclaw. During our first encounter the most powerful gun I had, a beefed up Kellog’s Pistol, barely scratched it. Not accepting defeat I got creative… this is why you need to hoard stuff in RPGs. Incidentally the ensuing chaos made the game glitch pretty hard. If you want to make your game gl...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront review: Never tell me the odds

  To quote the great Han Solo, “never tell me the odds”, seriously, don’t. If you’ve been playing Star Wars Battlefront you’ll probably have noticed that the game is one of the most skewed shooters to have come out in recent years, but this by far isn’t the only problem with the game. Don’t get me wrong, Battlefront has its good moments, even its grea...[Read More]

Bloodborne’s DLC expansion has weird access method because of course it does

  The Old Hunters, From Software’s first DLC expansion to their ruthlessly brutal RPG Bloodborne, releases for Playstation 4 tomorrow, meaning soon we can all go back into decrepit London Yharnam and hopefully shank some beasts in-between all the dying in the attempts. The game has already received a 9GB patch in preparation for the release which is mainly made up of tweaks to the onlin...[Read More]

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