Xbox One Experience: Big changes are coming



Your Xbox One console is about to go through a transition that will essentially take it through puberty coming out the other side looking pretty damn attractive.


Looking good home screen, looking good.

Starting from November 12 a redesigned user experience will bring new features, tweak some existing ones and tart up some interfaces. Oh, and finally there will be some backwards compatibility so you can play some of your favourite 360 games on your next gen console. The new home screen will include an ability to scroll vertically, access pinned apps/games quicker, a new shortcut (right trigger and A) for accessing all your pins and easier sharing of clips and screenshots.

Xbox have listened to the community and are bringing back certain features from the 360 that are missing from the Xbox One. This includes an imporved guide system, as described in a press release:

To access the new guide, you can tap left from the Home screen with the d-pad or left thumbstick to bring it up as an overlay. You can also get to the guide easily while you’re playing a game by just double tapping the Xbox button on your controller. The guide will load instantly as an overlay on the left side of your screen and won’t disrupt your gameplay.

The guide gives you instant access to several important things:

Profile: You can add and manage profiles on your console, switch users, view your profile, and view your achievements here.

Friends: You can easily see which friends are online, see the games they are playing, and invite them to join your game. This is the default section of guide that first opens. In game, you will be able to check your friends up to ten times faster.

Party: You can easily start or manage a Party, which can now include 12 active participants, making it three times as fast to start a party and six times faster to join a party while playing a game.

Messages: Easily access all your messages and access group text chats, which is a new feature we are adding on November 12.

Notifications: Your Notifications will also be included in the guide and we made improvements to group your Notifications together by type, separating social notifications from game-related notifications from the developers.

Settings: We’ve redesigned Settings based on feedback to make the most commonly used items easy to access.

Snap: Easily snap an application, like achievements, from the guide.

For a full list of the changes check out the video below:

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