The Fallout 4 launch trailer is here



After what feels like an eternity of anticipation, Fallout 4 is nearly here. Next week you’ll be able to traverse the wastelands of Boston and presumably fire a fat boy at everything you see if the latest trailer is anything to go by. We won’t go on too long because we know the real reason you’re here is to see the trailer, so have at it:

The trailer looks interesting, maybe a bit too story heavy for my liking, especially since, for me anyway, Fallout is all about exploration and not so much linear story telling. I also did cringe at the sight of a red dot attachment on a rifle, but hey, it could be awesome in the right context.

The true beauty of this trailer was showing off just how far Fallout has come, get a good look at how the deathclaws move now, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the wastelands before. We’ll know more come release on November 10, so stay tuned for more Fallout news on LoadScreen.

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