Fallout 4: More wasteland battles



We’ve previously covered how great it is when you set up massive battles in Fallout 4. Through the magic of modding YouTuber Tyrannicon has continued to pit unfathomable amounts of enemies against each other to witness who comes out on top.

In his latest videos you can watch 50 Radscorpions vs. 50 Mirelurks vs. 50 Ghouls:


60 Deathclaws vs 60 Brotherhood of Steel:

And last but certainly not least… a repaeat of the above scenario, but with the player trying to survive the battle as well.

Stay tuned for more Fallout 4 news, videos and features in the future. Tyrannicon is sure to upload more Fallout 4 battles, we’re still hoping for 70 Death Claws versus Piper, the Diamond City Journalist…. worst character.

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