Fallout 4: The tale of Swan


The following article contains spoilers regarding a random boss encounter in Fallout 4.

Some of you may have been to Boston Common in Fallout 4. It’s a seemingly nice little square with a small pond located in the centre and a boathouse. But as you start to search through the area you soon realise something is terribly wrong in the Common.

A named character Kath is found mangled, in her possession is a torn note, it reads:

Fallout4 2015-11-16 20-48-48-217

Hmm… better keep exploring then!

It’s no joke, Kath. He’s out there. I seen him. Tore Davies’ head clean off. Boy never even got his gun out.

Give it up. Girl like you’s got a future with us. Don’t throw it all away on some fool dare.

Well that’s absolutely terrifying! After slowly creeping through the park I found another body, this one just outside of the fence, it too had a torn letter on it.

Fallout4 2015-11-16 21-07-51-408

There seems to be a pattern…. people with notes are being murdered!

You know how much I miss you. But it’s too dangerous. If you stay in Diamond City, at least I know you’re safe.

If your mind’s really made up, then be careful. Travel at night. Stick to the river. And whatever you do, don’t go into the Common.

Okay, so there is clearly some kind of creature or serial killer hanging around Boston Common. I decided to investigate the area some more, perhaps the killer was still out there. I’ll admit I was a little scared walking through the area. Whether intentional or not there was a lingering mist in the air, I turned Diamond City radio on in the hope that some Rock and Roll would soothe the nerves.

Heading towards the boathouse I noticed a small swan boat eerily moving along the pond. Bring up V.A.T.S. the targeting system locked onto “Swan”, it was a boss. Not knowing what to do I decided to take a pot shot at the floating boat with my Hardened hunting rifle.

Fallout4 2015-11-17 12-33-19-223

Looks welcoming.

The water erupted and out of the shallow pond emerged a giant Super Mutant clad in a Swan boat as some form of crude armour, this was Swan, this was the Boston Common killer. My shot with a relatively high powered rifle barely scratched him. Panicking I drew my Fat Man and launched my only mini nuke in his direction, it knocked off about 40 per cent of his health. Okay… time to run.

Swan charged and hit me in the rear, sending my character flying about 20 meters forward and taking my health down to nearly nothing. I drew a missile launcher, it had seven missiles, hopefully enough to take him down. I alternated between running and firing behind me at the charging behemoth. Each rocket took a sizable chunk of his health off, but not nearly enough for my liking.

It took all my missiles and several rifle shots to the head, but eventually Swan fell. I looted his corpse, which contained some pretty great gear, including the legendary furious power fist. After looting the body I then decided to solve the mystery of this terrifying boss.

Heading to the boat house there was a spike in rads. Popping some Rad-X and putting on a Hazmat suit I ventured in. Scattered around the place were notes written by a man named Edgar Swann. They were fragmented, but pieced together they told a story.

Fallout4 2015-11-16 21-09-15-138

Edgar Swann

Day 1

So I nipped a few cigs. Big Deal. Smartasses may run this place, bu they can’t just do whatever they want. I got rights. Trial worked out for me in the end.

They agreed to “probation” – I stay inside for a month, write something every day, and they’ll bring me all the food and water I want. They think this is punishment? Sure beats scrubbing floors all day.

Fallout4 2015-11-16 21-09-07-491

Edgar Swann

Day 6

Should have known something was wrong when they came back for more tests. Every bone in my body aches. I’m on edge all the time. Jittery. Can barely write. But my mind’s just racing. Dammit, what’s going on? What’d they do to me?

Fallout4 2015-11-16 21-11-41-540

Edgar Swann

Day 14

My physiological evolution seems to have stabilized. The medical team says my muscle mass has more than tripled since the experiment began, and my neural efficiency has improved markedly. This particular strain of modified FEV has been a remarkable success- I appear to have received all the anticipated benefits without the typical adverse effects.

My application to join the research team is awaiting the Director’s approval. Although further tests may be in order, I hope to be able to assist with my own experiment in the coming days.

Fallout4 2015-11-16 21-09-49-558

Edgar Swann

Day 21

Seizures continue. After the second one this morning I was ordered back to the observation lab for further study.

My prognosis is poor, I made the discovery myself. The viral strain I was infected with is fundamentally unstable. My mental capacity peaked two days ago and has begun rapidly deteriorating. The seizures are just the beginning.

Will they reject me like all the others?

Fallout4 2015-11-16 21-10-56-673

Transcription not needed…

Reading the results of a super mutant transformation first hand made me feel bad for the poor guy. The fact that Edgar’s intelligence peaked before the test turned him into a bumbling mass of aggression living in a pond made the story far more tragic. This wasn’t even a quest in the game, just a random encounter. It goes to show how rich the world in Fallout 4 really is. Moving on I’m going to start feeling sorry for the super mutants I encounter, do they all have stories like this one?

Fallout4 2015-11-16 21-16-01-836

RIP Edgar Swann.

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