Star Wars Battlefront: This might be the season pass you’re looking for



We previously reported on how overpriced the Star Wars Battlefront season pass appeared to be, costing consumers AU$69.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and $59.99 on PC through Origin. These prices caused outrage with some fans, and understandably so.

battlefront emp

Something, something, something, DLC.

Well now that Battlefront has been released we have full details on what the season pass includes.

  • Four expansion packs
  • Over 20 new pieces of tech, including weapons, vehicles and Star Cards
  • Four heroes and villains
  • 16 additional maps
  • Four game modes
  • Two week early access to expansions
  • Shoot First emote

So there is a lot included with the pass, 16 maps will take a fair bit of time for the team to create and having them staggered makes sense. This whole announce has made me less bitter about the price, but I’d still like DLC to stop being an industry standard. At least Star Wars Battlefront’s DLC is set to add additional play time to the game and introduce some new features.

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