Git Gudder: Halo 5 multiplayer tips


– James Orr

Now we’ve spent some time blasting through people in Halo 5, let’s share some tips on how to not utterly suck when facing off against enemy Spartans.

Get Req’d

After racking up your points in Warzone Assault you might be itching to grab a new Gold Req Pack. But the most efficient way of opening Req Packs isn’t to head straight for Gold, but to open Bronze packs until you have at least twenty common certifications, then move on to Silver, then Gold. This might sound counterintuitive, as Bronze only have common unlocks, but if you’re spending your Req Points on Gold packs first, you’re likely spending 10,000 points for two Uncommon unlocks, as those are the most heavily weighted to drop.


“All I got in my gold pack was a nope launcher.”

If you spent those points on Bronze packs, you’ll get four to eight common permanent unlocks. Once you’ve received those, they’re not going to drop again, thus decreasing the size of the loot pool and increasing the chance of getting rarer items once you move to Silver, and eventually Gold.


Halo 5 brings a slew of new weapons, gameplay features and even controls. First off, make sure your control scheme is best suited for you. I use Bumper Jumper to aim while jumping, and set my sensitivity to 5. But high sensitivity might not be the best for you; after all, some of the top players only use a sensitivity of 2. Also be sure to turn off Auto Stabilisation in your settings, as that’s the thing that keeps you floating in the air when you aim. Once it’s off, you’ll be able to stabilise manually with the sprint button, while aiming in mid-air. There are very few circumstances when floating in the air gives you an advantage, as the lack of manoeuvrability makes you an easy target.

blue team

“Hey, that floating guy with no maneuverability looks hard to shoot.”

Understanding Halo 5’s movement systems can be the key to staying alive. Sprinting is a great way to get away from a fight you’re losing, but remember that it prevents your shields from charging. But if shields start charging, sprinting won’t cut them out. Never go into a fight without full shields; you’ll almost always lose.

Now let’s talk about the ground pound, the flying bash that has become my favourite ability in Halo 5. You need a couple of metres of height to have enough momentum for an insta-kill, but even at ground level the pound has its uses. A simple trick is to lure an enemy around a corner and charge your pound. When they come around, they won’t expect you to be in mid-air, allowing you a surprise slam, taking out their shields and knocking them back, giving you a chance to pop a quick headshot. Ramps are a great place to pound opponents, as their incline roughly matches that of the ground pound’s dive, meaning anyone running up the ramp has no way to avoid it.

rocker punch

And you get to strike a cool dramatic pose.

You Need a Weapon

Know the role of every gun and its function and play to your strengths. The Assault Rifle is the old reliable, but every other starting weapon has a faster time to kill even the Magnum handgun, as long as you land every shot. The Magnum is actually better at long range than the Battle Rifle, due to its accurate single shot compared to the rifle’s burst. Also take note of which weapons perform differently when scoped, such as the Light Rifle, which fires slower but hits harder, and the Energy Sword, which increases its lunge range to Halo 2 distances. Try each gun at least a few times to figure out if it’s right for you.

In the Arena gamemodes, power weapons can sway the tide of battle. It can be a bad idea to rush into a weapon spawn, so it can be better to wait a moment and kill any opponents that are making their way towards it. Power Weapon denial can be even more vital than acquisition. If you have the sniper, but the enemy team has you cornered against a cliff, it might be better to take the fall than to let your sniper fall into enemy hands.

red vs blue

Always synchronise jumps with your teammates.

Also be sure that you get to know each vehicle and their traits. Unlike other vehicles, the Mantis and Banshee have shields, meaning they can soak up a lot of damage if you give time for their shields to recharge. Tanks have strong armour, but their slow speed makes them vulnerable to hijacking, particularly if you don’t have a gunner.

If you have the ‘Enhanced Motion Sensor’ ability unlocked, make sure to equip it while driving vehicles in order to have a better awareness of enemy Spartans running in to grab your prize. But never leave your tank, even if you’re about to be boarded. It’s better that the captain goes down with the ship then for the enemy to grab it unspoiled. Although, if your tank has very low health, leaving it out to be stolen can allow you to snag an extra kill.

Be a Team Player


“You may all be red too, but I’m still king.”

I asked my friend, who routinely gets forty or more kills in Warzone, if he had any key strategies. His tips were to prey on the weak opponents, such as those that have just come off of a fight with a teammate. Don’t try charging through the enemy ranks, but stick near you teammates and assist them. And judge each situation. For example, if a teammate is losing a one on one firefight, stand in front of them and soak up the extra damage. The enemy never expects it, and it allows you both to finish of the weaker opponent.

But his most important tip was to whore the Banshee. Always whore the Banshee. If you’re under fire, then fly away and wait for its shields to recharge. Then fly back and whore some more.

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