A glimpse of our woeful Star Wars Battlefront skills

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After piquing our interest with its beta test in OctoberStar Wars Battlefront is here. “No,” I hear you say, “that’s not true, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” Oh but I know it to be true, and it can be yours to purchase and enjoy at your local games shop/online store. And don’t worry, credits will do fine.

battlefront luke vader

Then you can rule the galaxy as father and- OK, I’ll stop.

Our review is on its way, but we just thought we’d share some footage captured from the PS4 version of me playing a Supremacy match, essentially Battlefront’s version of Battlefield 4’s Conquest mode, on Endor. You’ll notice the footage contains some moments similar to my Battlefield ones, where I’m pretty rubbish but occasionally pull off something ridiculous, but it also has some harsh lessons:

  • I have no concept of maintaining my footing in the high up places
  • Only go up against Heroes when you have buddies (we take down Vader somehow!)
  • Speed bikes are death traps. Seriously, those things are just outright dangerous…

Perhaps we should leave Endor to the Ewoks…

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