Stack up – the Rainbow Six: Siege open beta begins tomorrow



Get ready to go full tactical, the Rainbow Six: Siege open beta kicks off tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pretty soon we shall see if we will all learn to get along and work as a team to achieve our objectives or if we will devolve into the squabbling, alleged mother-fornicating mob commonly found in online shooter games.

Seriously, the original gameplay reveal for Siege (shown below) featured the most fantastical group of cooperative team-mates I have ever seen in an online game.

Such focus on the task at hand. So little trash talk. So much mutual respect.


The beta can be preloaded now, with instructions for each platform posted on the Siege website. Interesting that it is being held so close to the launch date, December 1, as it means any results collated from the beta will need to be implemented in patches down the line.

But hey, a good try before you buy, right? This is the closest we’ve seen to a proper game demo in a while!

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