How to not be a Jar Jar in Star Wars Battlefront



Star Wars Battlefront has been out for a while now, and one thing is pretty clear, it can be difficult to do well in the game. Just looking at the scoreboards you may notice a massive gap in K/D ratio from top player to bottom. With these tips you should be able to up your game from Ewok to Emperor.

Detonators are your friend

It may look like he's thinking deeply, but he's actually watching all the grenades he spammed land.

It may look like they’re thinking deeply, but they’re actually watching all the grenades they spammed land.

Let’s say you’re a relative beginner and aren’t too sure what to equip in your Star Card hand (presuming you’ve got the level and credits to afford some gear). Now it might be tempting to want a jetpack so you can boost around the map like Boba Fett. But what you should actually do is double down on your explosives. By equipping both a thermal detonator and an impact greande you’ve made yourself into a walking explosives streak waiting to happen.

If blasting enemies one on one isn’t working for you, walking around with your finger on whatever button you’ve assigned the impact grenade to should land you some sweet sweet kills. An added bonus is that it’s hilarious when your first interaction with an enemy is to throw a grenade at their face.

The benefit of having both types of grenades assigned is that you can constantly churn out explosives. This is particularly handy in tight spaces or heavily contested areas. A lot of maps feature tunnels, a well timed and placed explosive is amazing in these spaces, the fact you have two on the go only makes it better.

It is completely worthwhile noting that your teammates are walking pieces of shit and if they happen to stand in front of you mid throw, your grenade will impact on them and kill you.

Walk, don’t run

Do you guys even realise how visible on the map you are right now?

Do you guys even realise how visible you are right now?

You may have noticed that your interface in Star Wars Battlefront features a mini radar. On that radar is more often than not a lot of red points that vary from dim to bright. It’s not rocket science that the brighter the red is, the closer the enemy are. But what you may not be aware of is that you are showing up on your enemies radar simply by running.

To stop yourself from showing up at all, don’t sprint and to limit exposure only sprint when you need to, like if Darth Vader is about to smack you around like you owe him galactic credits. It may take a while to get where you’re going, but the element of surprise in this game is unbelievably good. Until you can afford the perk that stops you showing up at all, this is the best way to avoid screaming out your location.

Cool it

Tap it.

Tappa tappa tappa.

As fun as it may be to spray laser all of the place cackling manically to yourself, it’s an awful way to engage in combat, even against an army of sci-fi’s worst shooters.

A great part of Battlefront is the fact that your weapons don’t have ammo, but you should still take it easy when shooting. Overheating can be an extreme burden, especially if you mess up the timed reload. By tapping out each shot, even rapidly, you’ll notice an increase in accuracy and a reduction in time to overheat. In fact, I would tend to avoid firing a blaster automatically unless you are up close. Taking time on each shot will also benefit you when going for headshots and should help you kill quicker than firing automatically. Soon you’ll find yourself bullseyeing womp rats like that psychopath Luke Skywalker.

Don’t go solo

Why do you need a shield? You're practically invisible as it is!

“Shields up men, Leeroy Jenkins is incoming.”

This might be a bit of a no brainer, but seriously you are not Han Solo, nor should you be walking around solo. It might seem like a great idea to go off by yourself to try and flank the enemy, but what you will inevitably be doing is maybe getting the drop on one of them before their buddies turn round and shoot you, because they weren’t idiots and stuck together.

Stay with your team and you’ll also notice you score way more points. There isn’t a team death match mode yet, there is actual stuff you should be doing on the battlefield, so if you just aimlessly wander searching for kills then you are pretty much dead weight.

As a parting piece of advice, it’s probably best to remember that the reason you are fighting is because a racially insensitive fish man deceived the greatest minds in the universe, so just have fun out there.

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