Fallout 4: snapshots from the wasteland 3



While reviewing Fallout 4, I quite enjoyed it by the way, I took a fair few screenshots to use in the piece. I only used a few of them in the final piece but I had so many others that I felt the need to share them. You’ll notice I seem to favour a particular gun, that’s because she’s amazing and has gotten me out of many sticky situations. Her name is “Boom Stick”, and yes, for that reason.

So here they are, my holiday snaps from the most dangerous place on Earth: Boston.


Mmmm, the sunset matches the blood spatters…


Won’t confirm nor deny whether I started that fire.


The closest to the Glowing Sea one can get before the rads set in…


If it’s one thing the Brotherhood of Steel know how to do, it’s be shot down!


The mystery bus…


…that was driven by this brave little bear.


This misty morning was the perfect weather for SCIENCE.


It was powered by this monstrosity of cabling and generators. My engineering friends must be turning in their piles of real-job cash.


The salt mine that decided not to load its textures.


The horror, THE HORROR…

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