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The Battle of Jakku DLC arrived for Star Wars Battlefront yesterday. Currently only available for those who preordered, the free DLC will be available for everyone else on December 8.

Some will be happy to get a piece of free DLC and see a new planet, however the more skeptical gamers out there will be wondering if this first morsel of DLC for Battlefront sufficiently pads out the game’s meager offerings. After having played the DLC here’s what I can tell you.


Pollution on Jakku is out of control.

Pollution on Jakku is out of control.

Jakku is essentially Tatooine with more garbage on it. Saying that, it is impressive garbage. Littered with ships, AT-ATs and unidentifiable hunks of blown apart machinery, the map is a junkyard of military chaos. During larger battles on the planet a star destroyer can be seen crashing into the ground, which not only looks amazing, but is so distracting you may get killed while gawking at it, no matter what you think about the gameplay, Battlefront looks great.

The sounds of the battle raging on in Jakku are also incredible, it’s one  of the things that EA/Dice have nailed with Battlefront. The game sounds brilliant.

Overall the map does add some much needed variation to  Battlefront’s offering, but isn’t groundbreaking enough to change things up all that much. It is however  a good snippet of what the questionably priced season pass might offer.

Turning Point

jakku 2

Given how they handle in Battlefront, that X Wing is probably best where it is.

Turning Point is the new game mode introduced with Battle of Jakku. Like Supremacy and Walker Assault this mode holds up to 40 players and has them battling it out to control key points on the map. This time the Rebels are on the front foot as they are pushing towards an Imperial base. As lead lead level designer Dennis Brännvall explains it:

“At the edge of the map, the Empire has constructed a make-shift base as well as smaller fortifications strewn across the landscape. Following an emergency landing, the Rebels need to locate the enemy bases to attack and take control of them all.”

Sounds promising? Well, let’s just remember the number one rule of Star Wars Battlefront, it sucks to be a rebel! When the imperials have use of AT-STs as a defence mechanism, you know things are going to be rough. Seriously. AT-STs are OP as all hell. The Rebels have no land vehicle to combat it, the best you can do is hope that everyone doesn’t run in fear and fires an ungodly amount of explosives at it.

Whilst we’re on the topic of OP units in Battlefront, there is cause to celebrate… there are no heroes in Turning Point! Finally a large map mode without lightsabers hacking everyone to death instantly.

Overall Turning Point is fun and reminds me of Rush from Battlefield, which is always a good thing, because Battlefield is is the benchmark for a good shooter in my opinion.

The Force Awakens

"I had a terrible dream that people were spamming grenades on this very spot 28 years ago."

“I had a terrible dream that people were spamming grenades on this very spot 29 years ago.”

Undeniably one of the coolest aspects of the Battle of Jakku DLC is that it goes into new Star Wars territory. Jakku will feature heavily in the upcoming film and is the planet where we are introduced to the new heroes of the franchise.

The Jakku we see in Battlefront is 29 years before the events of the seventh film, following the events of Return of the Jedi. It’s unclear at this stage just how much of what we see now will be in the film, if any. But, given how many easter eggs the devs have thrown into existing maps, we can only assume there are some snippets of the upcoming film in there, not to be realised until December 17.

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