“Too many Steam sales” Reddit discussion escalates quickly



The Steam Exploration (essentially US Autumn) Sale has ended, and the countdown to inevitable Christmas one has begun. Now, I thought the timing of the Autumn sale was particularly interesting given Steam’s track record of staging its Christmas sale around the last two weeks of December, and maybe they were firing all cylinders too early. But then I thought “hey, more opportunities to buy cheap games is never a bad thing, right?”

Well, not according to Reddit user “Atrocitusrex” who has caused quite a stir on /r/Steam with the following post:

Screenshot 2015-12-04 10.06.36

Others were quick to point out that Atrocitusrex is essentially complaining about having two sales instead of one, which from a community standpoint I personally think is a good thing because, as I said just above, it can provide more opportunities for Steam users to take part in the sales. Didn’t have the money last week to have your wallet decimated by all the percentages off? All cool, they’ll be another one soon enough.

Sounds good to me…

In their defence, Atrocitusrex went on to argue that flooding the market with too many sales might not be economically beneficial for Steam. As stated in their original post, Atrocitusrex didn’t purchase anything in the last sale since they’re expecting a new, possibly better one in the near future. That’s fair I guess; it’s called taking a risk, just like tossing up buying something before Christmas or waiting for Boxing Day prices.

Which is, you know, how pretty much buying anything works. We know that sales happen, do you want it now or wait for the (potentially) better price? This isn’t a new thing…

Anyway, the situation escalated quickly when a fellow Reddit user made a case for consumers who wanted to get their Steam fix out of the way before the holiday season:

pick one

As someone who has worked in retail, I too would be totally down with discouraging Black Friday like behaviour.

You can see where this is going right? “Strykker2” soon came out and said what everyone was thinking, and Atrocitusrex promptly brought out the swears. (Seriously, you’ve been warned):

the swears

“Free will is still a thing-” “F$*K$@*$$*@#*!!!!!”

Oh Internet, please never change…

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