Failure looks so much better than success in Just Cause 3



It’s been nearly a week since the world was given access to the glitchy, padded yet incredibly fun chaos simulator Just Cause 3. Sure, the game has a story but that’s not what anyone is playing it; they’re playing it so they can do barrel roll plane crash landings into water towers and casually walk away from them.

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Cool guys don’t look at ruined water supplies… Some people have been creating genuinely beautiful wing-suit shots, since the game’s crazy physics logic allows for Rico to just grapple pull himself out of any lethal amounts of forward momentum. Seriously, some of them are amazing. But the real gems come from when, just like in real life, someone trying to do something cool results in hilarious failure. Like this guy, whose attempt at making a rocket car ends in possibly the only way it realistically would:

Just Cause 3

Another player was a little more successful with their rocket propelled car, probably because they made the smart decision to not attempt to drive it, but it too resulted in some unplanned carnage:

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But lastly, there are some men that just want to watch the world burn. No crazy experiments of where they can fly a wing-suit or how to best make a flying car, they just want to destroy the bystanders around them in spectacular fashion. Such was the case with this final player, who had made it their mission to watch a train careen off the bridge they had recently destroyed.

Such a desire usually brings about some kind of comeuppance, whether that be getting the flu on your next three day weekend or taking a train car to the face. I’ll let you guess which one eventuated in this instance:

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