2015 gaming highlight reel shows GOTY will be hard to pick



There’s only three more (ish) weeks of 2015 to go, so we all know what that means: it’s round-up time! And what better way to do that then with a montage?

In a similar vein to DJ Earworm’s annual “United States of Pop” mashups, whose most recent one was actually pretty average mainly because Justin Bieber released an album this year, YouTuber Tim Main creates “Gaming in [insert year]” highlight videos. He released his 2015 iteration this past week, meaning it’s time to look back at all the stuff released over the past year, remembering the triumphs, the failings and the games we all forgot came out this year.

Jeez, remember Evolve? That was this year? That game disappeared from public view so quickly I assumed it must have been last year…

But you have to say it’s been a pretty good year for gaming. Yes, we’ve had PC launches that were (and still are) atrociously broken and several full price games including microtransactions, but when you separate the actual games from the industry woes there has been an excellent line up:

(In approximate release order)

I mean, look at that list. It’s pretty diverse, featuring open world mayhem, an interactive slasher flick, Lovecraftian horror, philosophical science fiction, squid now/kid now paintball and BATMAN.

It makes picking a game of the year really hard. I thought I had my decision made oh so easily for me but then another title, despite its flaws, struck such a cord with me and I’m now torn between the game I had the most fun (and spent the most time) playing or the one whose story continues to blow my mind each day?


You can probably guess what one of them is…

Guess I have some thinking to do! Stay tuned to LoadScreen in the next few weeks for more game of the year talk.

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