HTC Vive VR release window announced



VR is on its way into our living rooms, we’ve known this for quite some time. Playstation’s entry into the market, boringly named Playstation VR, blew my mind at PAX Australia earlier this year. So while I’m also not convinced it will be the epic game changer it hopes to be (yet), I am still super excited to get longer hands on time with it. All we’ve ever been told about the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and the HTC Vive is that 2016 is the year virtual reality will arrive.

Well, that’s all we’d ever been told until now…

In a recent blog post, HTC announced that their Vive VR headset will be set for commercial release in April 2016.

Soon you too can look this ridiculous in the comfort of your own home! (Source: Me cooing in an HTC Vive)

The post doesn’t say a whole lot else other than that, not even a price or which countries it will be available in (presumably US only, before expanding). But with April being just more than four months away, expect that kind of news soon.

LoadScreen got some hands on time with the HTC Vive at PAX Australia in October with the space simulator Earthlight, where editor Charlie Braithwaite described the experience as “terrifyingly beautiful.”

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