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Since December 4 those who own the Nathan Drake Collection have been able to play the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta. I’ve had a fair bit of time to play the game too, below you can see an compilation video of a round where I didn’t completely suck, it shows off elements from the game, including sidekicks and supernatural power ups:

Here’s what I’ve learned about Uncharted 4′s multiplayer since playing the beta.

This is a team game


Don’t drag your team through the mud.

It might sound pretty obvious saying that a multiplayer shooter is team oriented, but with Uncharted 4, it is REALLY team oriented. In most of the games I played one side absolutely decimated the other, and this was always down to the victors working as a unit, ducking in and out of cover together and helping each other out.

Occasionally I’d be part of a team who barely managed over 10 KOs, and this was all down to people running around like this is a CoD game. No matter how great at 360 no scoping you may be, if you go solo the you will get destroyed when facing a group. If you’re alone it will also be extremely unlikely you’ll be revived after being downed, giving the enemy an easy point, you’re also not helping teammates out when they’re downed, so yeah, just don’t be a dick and carry your weight!  Ultimately Uncharted 4 isn’t about how good at shooting you are, although that helps, it comes down to backing your team with class selection and covering fire.

Tactical play is key

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer

Nothing says tactical like a giant ancient statue.

Picking the right class to compliment your team can really give you an edge over the enemy in Uncharted 4. If everyone picks assault and is running and gunning you’ll quickly see your team is vulnerable in other areas. First up you won’t be able to engage or suppress effectively from long range. Suppressing is great in Uncharted 4, if you can keep an enemy stuck behind cover your teammates can flank from the sides to pick them off.

With a recon class player in the mix your sniper can hold back the enemy and drop targets while teammates with closer range weapons finish them off. If you don’t have anyone confident enough in their shot the sniper sidekick comes in handy for this role. I’ve seen those guys clean up if placed well. Having a support on the team is also vital, but rarely seen. Their healing grenade can turn a firefight around as they are able to revive downed teammates from range. Having the medic sidekick is another way to patch this hole in your team, but be sure to provide them with cover as they are weak.

Supernatural power ups can change the way a map is played if placed strategically, either dealing damage to enemy, revealing their locations, or boosting your stats, each supernatural power up can help your team out in a sticky spot. If you find the enemy are camping using the totem that racks up damage to surrounding foes is a great way to turn the tide and allow your team to push forward.


"They're getting away, wait 12 hours to follow or pay a one off fee of $2.99"

“They’re getting away! Wait 12 hours to follow or pay a one off fee of $2.99”

Back during the glorious time we had at PAXAus we covered how Naughty Dog’s community strategist Arne Meyer revealed Uncharteds multiplayer will have microtransactions, except he didn’t use that word.

The beta gives players a handful of ingame currency, which it seems you will need to purchase in the full release, to play around with in the store. Well, the good news is that there is no pay to win, the bad news is you will need to fork out if you want to buy your characters some sweet golf hats. The store is filled with emotes and hats for the players, because of course there are hats. Eventually gaming will just be different hats, but that’s a topic for another day.

The store has some quirky items in it, like tuxedos for the characters and emotes where they taste wine or smack their rear. So, nothing that will make you need to throw your wallet at the screen, but there’s some pretty cool stuff if you want it.

All up the beta gave a great first impression into the multiplayer for a game which probably would sell exceptionally well even if it were just single player. There’s certainly enough skill involved to make the mode competitive and the gameplay gives players varied approaches to playing.

Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer beta is running until December 13. Past that we’ll have to wait for March 18 when A Thief’s End launches to play more.

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