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I’m not too sure where to start with this review, every fiber of my being wanted the latest addition to PlayStation’s exclusive Fat Princess series to be good, not that Fat Princess Adventures is terrible, but it just isn’t Fat Princess as we know it.

Fat Princess Adventures has seen the beloved capture the flag style multiplayer game turned into a RPGish hack and slash gauntlet on the PS4. It does make for some fun co-op gameplay, but is disappointing for those who may want a tarted up version of the original.



The original Fat Princess had a buttload of one thing, charm. It was just seeping character and feeling which made it unique, but how does it’s successor build on this charm? Well if your kind of humour is out of place references to old memes, you’re in luck, Fat Princess Adventures is full of them!

I’m all for subtle references to memes in games, but when the wizard in my party keeps saying “ain’t nobody got time for that” over and over it tends to make me want to throw my ears in the bin. Other lines of dialogue aren’t much better, such as when injured my “emo” knight will say “I has a sad now.”  In fact considering some of the talent the game has for voice acting it is surprisingly terrible and frustrating. The likes of  Nolan “I’m in every game” North and Tara Strong are amongst the cast of heavy weights that lend their voices to say bland meme jokes. Now I’m the one who has a sad.

Maybe I’m being a tad unfair with this as in all reality this type of humour isn’t aimed at my age group (I hope) and is more likely to be a hit with teens and those who haven’t becomes jaded and cynical.



Putting the player in control of one of four classes, warrior, archer and wizard, Fat Princess Adventures has you fight an invading gobbling army who want to capture the now united princesses from the original game. The story isn’t pushing boundaries, especially for a video game, but it’s a fine enough premise to see you smack down a bunch of comically designed characters in a surprisingly bloody way.

Each class obviously has perks that will be familiar enough with gamers. The warrior is good up close, the wizard has spells and buffs, the engineer does heavy damage and the archer is your ranged specialist.

Moving through levels you can change class easily at checkpoints, something which is great to mix things up, especially considering you only have limited moves at your disposable. Scattered throughout the game you’ll also find treasure chests and bosses which drop new weapons and armour. Aside from loot you’ll also find plenty of cake during your playtime in Fat Princess Adventures.

Those familiar with the original will remember cake as a tool to fatten your princess to stop the enemy from easily walking off with her. This time cake gives your player HP, and if you’re already on full health it’ll transom you into a fat version of your character that can flop their body around to squish enemies. After racking up kills in any form you’ll increase your awesome meter and unlock an ‘awesome sauce’ potion that makes you slightly larger and increases your damage.

All in all the mechanics at play here aren’t revolutionary, but they work and are put together well.



I guess this game is also a PSA about eating right.

Fat Princess Adventures really comes to life when played with others, by yourself it’s easy to become bored of  the hack and slash gameplay, but with others you have a team of up to four who can work together to tackle enemies and bosses in exciting ways. When playing solo it took me almost 10 minutes to take down one boss, however with a full squad it took minutes. Combining forces gives the game more depth as you will actually have to use the class you’re playing as effectively to ensure each battle goes as it should.

A nice touch is the addition of local co-op, so if you have three friends you’d love to eat cake with and turn baddies into body parts and blood (again, this game is shockingly gory) Fat Princess Adventures is going to be a winner.

The verdict

This off brand adventure may look like something to pass over, but it’s a really fun game to play with friends and has decent classes and a good loot system. It’s designed to be played with others, so if you were hoping to become obese by yourself you may want to give it a miss, or team up with strangers online. As I said before Fat Princess Adventures isn’t a bad game, but hopefully if it does well it’ll pave the way for Fun Bits Interactive to make a true sequel to Fat Princess that builds on the originals premise. In the end I’ve decided to give this game two scores, as it varies drastically depending on how you play it.

Pros: Fun hack and slash game. Good loot. Good classes and easy to switch it up. Local co-op.

Cons: Annoying dialogue. Not great solo. Less innovative than original.

Solo 6/10

Co-op 8/10

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