Star Wars Google Street View mod makes for bad flight sim



We’ve officially hit peak Star Wars hype. By this time next week, The Force Awakens will be a thing that you can go see. You not doing anything that day? You could go and see the movie with your eyes.

Well, if you can get a ticket, I imagine all the reasonable sessions have been booked out for months. That’s cool, I’m willing to wait and avoid those annoying people who’d do things like cheer the first time Han Solo appears on screen. Those people are the worst.

19535228309_141913cee1_o (1)

…no, I stand by what I said.

Now you’d think we would have run out of things to make to celebrate/profit from the release of The Force Awakens. We’ve seen posters, action figures, crocks, bed sheets, self aware Sphero toys, and so much more that there can’t possibly be anything else we can slap Star Wars on.

But oh yes there is…

An unknown fan has modified Google Street View so as to add a cockpit view point of some famous Star Wars vessels, specifically the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter and Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing. After choosing your spacecraft, you’re placed at a certain starting point where you can explore your surroundings just like regular Street View, but with your view obstructed by a cockpit window and hearing the film’s soundtrack blasting out of your speakers.

Imma coming for you Corona sign…

The Millennium Falcon plonks you in London, Luke’s X-Wing in Times Square and Vader’s TIE Fighter begins in Brussels. From there? Well, you can look around and load still images of the street, giving the illusion of movement, and not much else.

I know this is a silly mod and just bit of fun, but there would have actually been some fun to have if you could, I don’t know, fire lasers at buildings and have crappy explosions photoshopped in.

Buildings or unsuspecting civilians. Bet they haven’t made the Kessell Run…

But what the heck, I got a laugh out of it so perhaps you will too.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here waiting to find out if I was right and Finn in The Force Awakens turns out to actually be Keyser Soze…

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