My greatest gaming failure


– Kyle Tander

My greatest gaming failure needs to be introduced with a confession, and I beg the internet to please not hate me. Promise? OK, here goes:

I have never played Final Fantasy VII, or any Final Fantasy game for that matter.


… *tear* (Source: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)

I know it’s really bad to have never properly touched one the most renowned gaming franchises of all time, and before the internet hunts me down for such blaspheme, let me first explain why I have never played FFVII or any FF games! I just, I don’t know, never got around to playing them?

I really don’t have a good excuse; I’ve had plenty of chances to start playing them. I kept on hearing how great some of these FF games are, and how they have revolutionised gaming to this very day, but the interest was just never there. But the more praise I heard the more interested I became in finally seeing what all the fuss is about, but by that point the games had aged so much I knew the FF ship had sailed.

Final Fantasy VII classic gameplay

Even PC HD upscaling can’t save this one… (Source: Final Fantasy VII)

But at E3 earlier this year, my interest started to rise. I was just casually watching the Sony press conference on my laptop and suddenly a trailer pops up, it feels like a ray light hitting my face. That ray of light was out of left field Final Fantasy VII Remake. Once the trailer concluded it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, for I have finally been given a second chance to actually play this game.

My interest in the Final Fantasy VII Remake had finally peaked as of a couple of days ago when I saw the gameplay from Playstation Experience. To me it looks amazing. The contrast between in game cinematic cutscenes and actual gameplay looks almost seamless. The remake appears to use a real time battle system which allows players to freely control Cloud and his allies. Square Enix seem to have gone and built the game from the ground up rather than giving it a new paint job, allowing for a JRPG heretic like me to experience this often praised narrative without the turn based mechanics or a horrendous eyesore.

final fantasy FMV

To be fair, those PS1 cutscenes do still look pretty great for their time. (Source: Final Fantasy VII)

Just recently it was announced that FFVII Remake would be a “multi-part series”, which infuriated many of the original’s fans. Does this affect my excitement? No, not really; it just means more waiting. Hopefully each part/chapter/episode/whatever marketing term they go with is substantial enough to tide me over until the next one.

Right now the bigger concern is my choice in console. I own an Xbox One, and all the marketing for FFVII Remake has been Playstation 4 focused. My one glimmer of hope is the trailers all say “play it first on Playstation 4″ (emphasis mine), implying other platform releases will follow. Hopefully the Xbox One is one of them, otherwise I guess I’ll have another console purchase to consider in future.

As for finally getting to experience this classic? I couldn’t be more excited. It may not be the legitimate original everyone fell in love with 18 years ago, but bringing it forward to an audience that may have been initially turned off will certainly breathe some life into the franchise.

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