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With 2015 all but over it’s that time of the year for arbitrary lists of stranger’s opinions. But you should trust this stranger’s opinion because I spent most of the year playing games, and nobody payed me off for good scores because nobody paid me, so yeah, integrity.  Without further delay, here are my top three picks for games of 2015 (and some honourable mentions) , they’re better than fellow editor Tom’s because I didn’t choose sexist games with a lack of plot (shots fired).

Have I got a way to kill this moment!

“Whatever do you mean?” (Source Konami)

Honourable mentions

What better way to start a list than by shaking the hands of the games that just missed out on a top three spot. Don’t get me wrong, these were great games, but they didn’t cut it for a podium finish.

Bloodborne: For a game about period blood and turning into squids, Bloodborne was surprisingly amazing. It was an exception for me as it was a horror game I could actually tolerate, up until the spiders got involved and I stopped playing. Unfortunately for Bloodborne “you died” and didn’t make it into a top three spot.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number: The sequel to perhaps one of my favourite indie titles of all time, Hotline Miami 2 came out in March, well sort of, it was banned in Australia. But I’m not one to let some pesky laws get in the way of a good time. Much like its predecessor Wrong Number had brutally hard gameplay spattered with over the top violence and an intriguing murder filled story, all topped off with a banging soundtrack.

Halo 5: Guardians: This was the first game I gave a 10/10, and I stand by that, Halo 5 had a great sci-fi plot with rich easter egg filled maps. On top of that it offered a fun and extremely competitive multiplayer complete with a new warzone mode, which made the familiar setting and gameplay feel new. The only reason it didn’t quite make the top of the list is more to do with my personal tastes than any fault of the game.

#3 Rocket League


Rocket League was of the most surprising games of the year because it snuck in under the radar. I wasn’t aware of its existence until it popped up as a free PSN game in July, but it left its impressions as one of the silliest, most addictive and refreshing games of the year.

As a huge football fan it was brilliant to see a game take the basic premise of football, add cars with jet boosters and fill it with multiplayer mayhem. It’s the definition of an easy to pick up hard to master game. Properly using the game’s mechanics to somersault through the air and Lionel Messi the fuck out of the ball took some real skill.

#2 Fallout 4

Fallout4 2015-11-24 18-05-23-127Without sounding like a guy who likes to sit on the fence (and I do, so much, the fence is so safe) Fallout 4 was simultaneously the most disappointing game of the year, and one of the best. It was disappointing in the sense that a lot of what I, and many fans, hold dear about the Fallout series was simplified and dumbed down, but the end result was still amazing nonetheless. So amazing that I clocked 24 hours in the first two days of release.

Despite a lack of freedom and customisation in comparison to other Fallout games, Fallout 4 still has a shit load going for it and I’m still going with side quests and my feeble goal of trying to build a settlement that doesn’t look like Adelaide.

#1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

witcher3_en_screenshot_screenshot_24_1920x1080_1433341632Is it possible to pick a favourite game that you haven’t even nearly completed? Well, yes, because that’s what I’ve done. Coming close to 70 hours of playtime in The Witcher 3 I still haven’t completed the main quest, but I have slain a load of monsters and tried to bang everyone in sight. Not since Red Dead Redemption have I played a game where I’ve been so engrossed by the world and the landscape.

This is one of those rare cases where an RPG is so bold it’s overwhelming. In my opinion this game has exceeded any other RPG in terms of story telling, graphics, voice acting, fighting mechanics and humour. The Witcher 3 really does have it all. Also scoring massive points for the game are the developers CD Projekt Red, they really know how to deliver to the fans, mainly by providing plenty of additional free DLC and pricing their paid season pass at a fair rate.

So that’s it for my games of 2015, if you felt strongly against anything I said please address all criticisms to your closest garbage bin. In the meantime I’ll be trying to finish Witcher 3 and thinking about whether I actually enjoyed Force Awakens or marketing is just telling me I did.

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